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About the project

The project concerns the development of preimpregnated laminates reinforced with flax fiber products for the needs of lightweight structural constructions. The bast fibers are readily used as reinforcements of composites due to the low density compared to glass fibers, kevlar, synthetic fibers, which in turn leads to a reduction in the weight of the final product.

Replacing glass fibers with natural fibers in composites is beneficial from the point of view of environmental impact, especially when using natural polymer resins, in terms of biodegradability, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in production processes and reduction of CO2 from the atmosphere during the growth of the plants.

The project will develop the structures of linear and flat flax fiber products with parameters that ensure the correct process of the prepreg formation and the high quality of composites. In order to increase the adhesion of the fibers to the natural epoxy resin and reduce flammability, flax products will undergo chemical modification processes. Laminates reinforced with flax products will be produced through a cost-effective process of preimpregnation and formation of prepregs under low pressure conditions using a natural
epoxy resin.

The content of flax fiber in the composite will be at the level of 60%. The developed laminate will be characterized by minimized porosity, which is associated with obtaining good mechanical properties. Thanks to the use modification processes of fibers and epoxy resin with flame retardants, the obtained composite will be characterized by reduced flammability, giving the possibility of wider application in many branches of industry. Biodegradable high quality prepregs will be used for the production of lightweight structural composite constructions in many sectors of the economy, e.g. in railways, the automotive industry, boatbuilding, architecture elements and others.
In Poland, the development of a new quality of composites based on flax fiber under the Celpreg project will increase the demand for flax, which will positively affect the economic stimulation of the natural fibers sector.

Sample of composite material filled with flax fibre